Litchi Party 2015


25.11.2016 @ 12:00

Who we are

One of Durban’s most talked about outdoor events happens once a year, erupting within the woodlands of Ballito. Bringing headliner international DJs and artists from around South Africa every year has shown to be a hit amongst our Student market. Litchi Party is also one of the biggest stand alone events during the Rage period.

The Litchi Party started in 2010 on a litchi farm on the North Coast of KZN, where we decided to take the ‘chaos’ out of Ballito for a night and host a Litchi themed event, which has now grown to be the highlight of the December holiday period and the event of the year for most party goes throughout KZN and a number of student from around the country visiting during the start of the holiday season.

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Ballito, Kwazulu Natal, South Africa
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